Thursday, May 24, 2018


Te reo - Whaea Annie Raranga harakeke E ako ana matou ki te rangi hai puti puti. We are learning how to make a flax flower. So the first thing Whaea Annie told the room 3 kids was don’t cut flax at night and don’t cut flax when it’s raining and also make sure you don’t cut the baby, the mum and dad, Then all of the kids went to get some flax when we got the flax we went back to school then me and Whaea Annie taught some of the kids that didn't know how to make some things out of flax. Some of the kids new how to make flax flowers. Whaea Annie and I taught the class how to make flowers and we all enjoyed it a lot.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

My photo

This is a photo of me and my art and I am going to put this on my blog so everyone can see.

first we had to go at the back class so you tron on the light then I sat on the set then you raise your whole head then we write the things I was intersecting onto a scrap paper then when I first I put them in my head that they raise on my big piece of paper and then I drew some little picture on my my big piece of paper the we had to take a photo of me and my art picture .

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Hungry Hippo

The focus of the learning was to work together to be the winning team. As a team we had to make sure we talked to each other to come up with a game plan so we could be the winning team. We had so much fun trying to achieve our goal.